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Creating a Personal Relationship with the Goddess from Anywhere

You can develop a connection to the Divine from anywhere in the world!

Some of us have never had the chance to travel the world. Others have traveled widely and walked the path of Divine in some of the holiest areas on earth. The last two years have shown us that as much as we would like to visit sacred places and attend events, it is not possible for everyone to travel or gather. But that does not mean that we cannot connect with one another and the energy of the Divine.


During my training in Glastonbury, England, it was proven to me time and again that we can connect with the Goddess from anywhere. From regional and indigenous goddesses to goddesses from any background, as well as ancient Goddesses from long-gone civilizations, we can learn how to connect as if they are sitting right next to us, in the same room, just a breath away.


  • We do not have to live in the sacred areas in which she is worshipped.
  • It is not required to walk the land in which they live to feel their presence and power.
  • We are not doomed to miss the connection if we cannot stand by the ancient sacred sites of Her worship.
  • We can connect from anywhere, spiritually and virtually, and develop a spiritual practice that offers many ways to experience and honor the Divine Females that call to us.



My Story


The pandemic curtailed physical travel and cut many spiritual folks off from gathering in large numbers at live events. But it was not the first time I had to find a way to connect with the Goddess from my own back yard -- literally, in our tree, the birds, and Her animals.


When I researched my first book on the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, my son was very young and had special medical needs. He needed to be close to doctors and I could not be away from him for very long because of his special care. I also had no money, as I was in seminary school and struggling to pay the bills. So I connected with Lakshmi anyway I could: In the Hindu temple in Queens, at Indian restaurants, through museum exhibitions and the Asia Society in New York, and by talking to cab drivers and attending pujas with spiritual teachers visiting the city. I ordered books about her from India and I listened to music from Her culture. I could not go to India to find Her.


When I was writing my book A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend, which was my first big, mainstream book contract, two terrorist planes hit the World Trade Center in New York, a couple of miles away from my apartment near the United Nations. I immediately became a volunteer chaplain for the Red Cross. I had no desire to travel the world for research, and I wanted to stay close to my son, so I connect to the 35 Divine Females in the book in a multitude of ways.


I always say: I had to do all my Goddessessing at my kitchen table ... and at my computer, in nature, and in visits to cultural and sacred places in my area where I could find Her. Museums, restaurants, cultural centers, local churches and temples, and attending events with local and visiting spiritual teachers. It was a scary time, during recovery from 911, so I added in a bunch of protective Goddesses.


I spent hours and hours at Border Bookstore, researching, reading, and buying reference books so I could absorb the History of the Goddess and her place in mythology and religion. They were scarce in those days but each one brought the Goddess alive from me. Sometimes I would just sit on the floor of the Goddess shelves and meditate. Somehow, dozens of Divine Females began to speak to me.



The Goddess Conference Presentation:



That's why I know that from anywhere in the world to Avalon... how can anyone tap into the opportunity, teachings, and love of the Sovereign Goddess(es) of Avalon.


  • While we all hope to gather live next year, the virtual aspect of connecting to and becoming a Sovereign Goddess of Avalon will still live on.
  • Virtual connection to the Goddess is what saved many of us from feeling like the world was ending during the pandemic. And it is a trend of the future.
  • I was once a dreamer who yearned to know the Avalon goddesses and priestesses, and I was able to become part of the community due to the generous teachings offered online.
  • Some people think they MUST walk the land to know the Sovereign Goddess of Avalon, But I know we can still connect with her from afar.

This class offers both a view on the practical and spiritual ways to connect (meditation, ritual, altars, art).