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Goddess in the Mirror

Learn to See Yourself Through the Eyes of Love

Born on Beltane 2022.


Some of us are born with a great sense of self, sovereignty, and self-preservation.


The rest of us need a little work in that area! And we need to learn how to see ourselves through unbiased, spiritual eyes.


This book explores a myriad of ways that those who identify as goddesses can truly step into a powerful relationship with themselves, and the Divine.


We will call on ancient Goddesses known for their mirrors, including Hathor, Venus, Oshun, and Amaterasu.


And we will learn some practical and metaphysical tips for leaving our inner critics behind and embracing all of who we are.


The author guides you through self-celebration ceremonies, self-honoring devotions, self-love meditations, and self-awareness exercises. She helps you create a new way of looking at yourself through the lens of love and by calling forth your inner Goddess.


The aim is to see your own reflection in a whole new light.


This long-awaited follow-up to Laurie Sue Brockway's bestselling book, A Goddess is a Girl's Best Friend (now available as The Goddess Pages), invites you to step onto a path of truly embracing your own divinity.