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Lakshmi Devotional

Celebrating the Divine Mother of Money, Miracles, and Happiness

Create a Circle of Good Fortune in your life. Learn how to develop a relationship and spiritual practice with the beautiful Hindu Goddess of material and spiritual wealth, Lakshmi.

She is a bright light and a beautiful sacred mother who brings joy, prosperity, spiritual and material wealth. She helps increase finances and improves your state of being. She has many roles and faces in the Hindu tradition and she is also a universal goddess who blesses people of all backgrounds.


This book takes you on a journey to discover many ways to honor Lakshmi as well as many ways to connect with her in deep, soulful, and magical ways. It guides you to traditional and ancient worship and shares many secrets for modern times.


When you honor Lakshmi, as a Goddess, Divine Guide, and Spiritual Support System you can become skillful at creating good fortune and miracles. You can also help loved ones and be generous to others.


Lakshmi favors those who follow the true path of the heart and soul, and who truly want to make room for her blessings and power in their lives.