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Welcome Friends

A Message from Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Author and Editorial Director

Goddess Communications

Laurie Sue Brockway, author, officiant, and founder of Goddess Communications, LLC.

Books and Blessings Are My Spiritual Service

Thank you so much for visiting my new website for Goddess Communications.


Our world is going through many changes and we, as individuals, are going through changes as well.


I recently founded Goddess Communications, LLC, to publish new books and republish some of my older books for a new audience.


The foundation of my service to others has always been to celebrate all faiths and traditions and to include all aspects of the Divine. The blending and borrowing from diverse traditions is a theme in much of my work.


I have not traveled the globe but I have explored many of the world's traditions.


The books I write fall into more than one category:


- Women's Spirituality

- Interfaith Weddings

- Blessings and Prayers

- Relationships

- Caregiving and Loss


The theme that ties them together is that they aim to offer spiritual clarity, hope, and helpful tips.


Wish me luck! And check the side of this page to links to all my current and forthcoming titles.




Rev. Laurie Sue