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The Goddess Pages

36 Divine Females to Guide You to More Love, Success, and Happiness

Every woman could use a bit of Goddess wisdom in her life.


Do you want to explore your personal power and claim your passions? Do you seek advancement in your career? Are you searching for love, or trying to get free of a bad romance? Do you wish you had more confidence and courage? The Divine Feminine is here to help you achieve the love, success, and happiness that you deserve.


Get ready to feel empowered: you are about to meet thirty-six of the most revered spiritual heroines from faiths and traditions around the world. Use this book to call upon each one for support, guidance, and inspiration in all areas of your life. Evoke their unique energies and strengths through rituals, meditations, gatherings, prayers, blessings, and many more fun and creative activities.


* Celebrate your true beauty with Hathor

* Unleash your dark and wild side with Lilith

* Free yourself from unhealthy relationships with Persephone

* Take aim at your career goals with Artemis

* Own and explore your sensuality with Oshun

* Find protection and healing with Tara

* Manifest spiritual and material wealth with Lakshmi


The Goddess Pages is a unique and empowering book that helps you connect with the strength and beauty of the Goddess―and experience the divine within you.

Kirkus Review: A How-to Guide for Unleashing One's Inner Goddess

A reverend offers a how-to guide for unleashing one's inner goddess.


Brockway opens her discussion by analyzing the Garden of Eden from alternative perspectives, reframing the biblical Eve as a liberator. She then presents her views on 36 female spiritual figures, each of whom, she says, offer women pathways to fulfilling their potential, divided into five categories: "Self-Empowerment and Strength," "Love and Romance," "Family Life and Friendship," "Work and Finances," and "Play and Lightheartedness."


These heroes include famous goddesses, such as Venus, representing self-appreciation, and Isis, channeling the healing of relationships, as well as lesser-known figures, such as White Buffalo Calf Woman, symbolizing sacred female leadership, and Brigid, embodying creativity and inspiration. Brockway also includes Christian religious figures, such as the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Saint Térèse, uniting them through themes of female encouragement and strength.


Brockway ultimately offers a book about self-love, encouraging women to connect with a more genuine sense of beauty and power than mainstream media offers.


Brockway offers a diverse pantheon, including divine women from Asia, Africa, and northern Europe, and she adds a practical element to an otherwise esoteric work, proposing self-care activities to help one "connect" with these divines, including affirmations, mantras, healing baths, runes, and meditations. Furthermore, Brockway's work uses accessible language that adds color and humor to the narrative, bringing the goddesses to life.


That said, this is not a history text, and much of the content is focused on simply portraying the goddesses as symbols of feminine inspiration. Some readers may also find the largely heteronormative tone lacking in inclusivity. For the most part, however, readers are likely to enjoy Brockway's affirmative text.


An often engaging book that uses wit and wisdom to connect women to a sense of divinity.


- Kirkus Reviews