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Caregiver Comfort

Inspiration for Tough Days

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Taking care of others can be a difficult job, whether you are a family caregiver or a professional. This book seeks to uplift you and help you cope.


This is one of the most challenging times in history to be a caregiver. Some days are just so hard that is difficult to find the bright side.


Family caregivers and professional caregivers pour their hearts and souls into caring for others. They support others in need through the worst of times. They help keep people alive. Their contribution to our society is so huge and there is not a thank you big enough to express the gratitude they deserve.


This book is meant to acknowledge the realities and difficulties caregivers face. It is meant to honor the real feelings they have, and the stories they share, even if they are not upbeat. It is also meant to offer a moment of peace and a bit of hope that situations can improve when we take a moment for spiritual self-care.