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Seshat Journal

Let the Goddess of Writing Help Make Your Publishing Dreams Come True




Devotional image of Seshat for this cover. © 2021 Nic Phillips Sacred Art.


Everyone deserves a chance to tell their story and share their wisdom with the world.


Writing a book is a dream for many spiritual authors, but they may not have a way to blend the sacred with the practical to create the book of their hearts. This workbook explores the practical steps to deciding on the book you will write and ways to call in Divine Wisdom in every stage of the project to help you dream your book into reality.


Begin your book project with special help from Seshat, the Egyptian Goddess of Writing, who is also known as "She Who Scrivens" and "She Who Writes." Always seen with a star upon her head, she connects us to the wisdom of all that is.


Seshat Journal covers the inspiring history of this wonderful Scribal Goddess and it also:

- Offers small. manageable steps and writing prompts to get you started.

- Gives your spiritual writing tips.
- Gives you ideas for gathering materials you already have and creating new ones
- Suggests ways to identify research needed for your book.
- Shows you how to use outlining and intention setting to organize your materials.


It is a companion book to She Who Scrivens, written by Laurie Sue Brockway, publisher, and author of more than 25 books.


Laurie Sue blends ancient wisdom and practical inspiration for modern scribes so that you can find your own path to publishing. This book is part of the "She Who Scrivens and Publishes" series.