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Seshat Notebook

Ask for the Blessings of the Goddess of Writing with This Devotional Notebook

Devotional image of Seshat for this cover. © 2021 Nic Phillips Sacred Art.

Seshat Notebook/order Goddess Conference Special Edition

Seshat Notebook/order Regular Edition


This notebook is designed to help you connect to the Goddess Seshat. It is a special Goddess Conference Edition created for Laurie Sue Brockway's workshop, She Who Scrivens and Publishes (Being the Queen of Your Own Creativity), at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference.


Seshat, the Egyptian Goddess, is a powerful Goddess of Writing, Words, Wisdom, and Scribes, and she is affiliated with books, libraries, and librarians. She is also known as a deity of record-keeping, accounting, census-taking, measurements, and sacred architecture.


Use this devotional notebook to jot down notes or pen your writing dreams and goals. The image of Seshat (by Nic Phillips Sacred Art), along with the opening and closing prayer, will help you bring your writing onto the page and out into the world.


You can discover more about this awesome, ancient Goddess (and about being a sacred writer) in Seshat Journal and She Who Scrivens.