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Say Goodbye to the Goddess of Misfortune and Reinvent Your Life

Did you know that Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Fortune, has a sister named Alakshmi?


The complete opposite of her beautiful sibling, Alakshmi is considered a Goddess of Bad Fortune or Misfortune. It is generally believed that where there is trouble, poverty, misery, strife, and calamity… there's Alakshmi.


Some Hindus call her Lakshmi's 'dark twin' and they worship her -- usually on the new moon at Diwali -- because they are afraid not to.


This book considers that the metaphor of Alakshmi presents an opportunity for us to take a look at the aspects of our lives that are chaotic, out-of-control, negative, and void of good fortune. Accepting and honoring Alakshmi's existence can help us accept our own inner chaos and begin to transform negativity.


In this book you will discover:


- The meaning of Alakshmi

- Why people want to get rid of her

- How she is worshipped

- The importance of embracing your inner dark twin

- Tips to release the things that clutter your mind and home

- How to inventory your life, make plans, and take action

- Rituals of good riddance to Alakshmi

- How Alakshmi can lead you to Lakshmi


This is a standalone book and also is part of the I Love Lakshmi Series.


Now in paperback, too.