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Seshat Journal

Let the Goddess of Writing Help Make Your Publishing Dreams Come True.

Seshat Notebook

Set your goals and ask for the blessings of the Goddess of Writing in this devotional notebook.

She Who Scrivens

Write the book of your heart with the help of the Egyptian Goddess of Writing, Seshat.

The Goddess Pages

Every woman could use a bit of Goddess wisdom in her life. The Goddess Pages is a unique and empowering book that helps you connect with the strength and beauty of the Goddess―and experience the divine within you.

Lakshmi Magic

Do you need more money, great job opportunities, and goodness in life? This book tells you how to invite material and spiritual wealth on all levels, with the help of the beautiful and magical Goddess Lakshmi. And it gives you dozens of rituals, prayers, and techniques to draw prosperity and beauty into your life.

Goddess Lessons

Do you yearn to connect more deeply with The Goddess? And to learn more about Goddess Spirituality in many cultures? This book will get you started on the path of understanding the Goddess and her many forms.


Did you know that Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Fortune, has a sister named Alakshmi? The complete opposite of her beautiful sibling, Alakshmi is considered a Goddess of Bad Fortune or Misfortune.

Lakshmi Wealth Journal - 2

DEVELOP LAKSHMI CONSCIOUSNESS AND CREATE MORE BLESSINGS IN YOUR LIFE. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune. She is a universally beloved divine female who brings good things to life ― even in the most difficult times. This journal has 108 designated pages to fill with your wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals.

Caregiver Comfort

Taking care of others can be a difficult job, whether you are a family caregiver or a professional. This book seeks to uplift you and help you cope.

10 Minutes for You

Family caregivers feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. They are constantly on edge, as well as on-call, in service to a loved one in need. It may be hard to admit they feel overwhelmed, opting instead to put their own emotional, physical and spiritual health on the back burner. This can lead to caregiver stress and imbalance.

Bless the Caregivers

Blessings, prayers, and exercise to protect caregivers.

After Caregiving

Coming in December 2020.


When much of your life is involved in caring for a loved one, it is hard to find your center when they leave this world. L.S. Brockway shares insights from the first 18 months after her mother passed away. Anyone who has experienced loss can relate to her journey.

Your Perfect Wedding Vows

A Guide to Romantic and Loving Words for Your Ceremony

Your Interfaith Wedding

Interfaith and intercultural wedding ceremonies are quickly becoming the norm in the United States as more and more couples of different faiths and ethnic cultures merge their lives in marriage. This book will help couples learn more about each other's faiths and family mindset, freeing them to craft a loving and creative ceremony that truly honors their roots and blesses their marriage.

Your Hindu-Interfaith Ceremony

In our global society, interfaith marriage is becoming more common among people born into the Hindu tradition and those hailing from different backgrounds. As a minister, I have spent more than 20 years addressing the special concerns of couples and families. This book was created to help families look for ways to organize their wedding ceremony in a way that both families can be honored.

Your Unique Ceremony

A step-by-step guide to creating your own wedding ceremony. Also a great guide for new officiants and friends about to perform their first wedding.

Pet Prayers and Blessings

This unique collection of blessings specifically addresses the spiritual needs of those modern-day pet owners. Besides offering original prayers and adaptations of classics, it explains how to lead rituals and celebrations, and provides advice on involving pets in spiritual events, including those conducted by the clergy.

Goddess Conference Writing Workshop

She Who Scrivens ... and Publishes (Being Your Own Queen of Creativity)




With Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, Author and Editorial Director, Goddess Communications, LLC


Has the Goddess been whispering in your ear and telling you it's time to channel Her wisdom and yours into written works? Do you want to find ways to put your teachings and trainings into workbooks and make them more widely available? Have you been thinking about writing a Goddess spirituality book or novel? Have you already written a book and have not found the right channels for getting it out in the world?


In this workshop, we will focus on writing as a sacred act of creativity and self-publishing as a way to own, distribute, and copyright the content you have worked so hard to develop.  We will explore many ways to call in Divine Wisdom to start and finish your book, with special help from Seshat, the Egyptian Goddess of Writing, who is also known as "She Who Scrivens" and "She Who Writes." Always seen with a star upon her head, she connects us to the wisdom of all that is.



About Your Guide

Laurie Sue Brockway is the author of more than 25 books, including, The Goddess Pages, Goddess Lessons, Lakshmi Magic, Alakshmi, Wedding Goddess, Your Interfaith Wedding, Your Hindu-Interfaith Wedding, Pet Prayers and Blessings, Soulmate Feng Shui, and the forthcoming She Who Scrivens.


Her books have been traditionally published by Penguin, Random House, Sterling, Kensington, Greenwood, and Llewellyn, and she is now scribe, author, and editorial director of Goddess Communications, LLC

Book Midwife and Coach

Help for authors of spiritual books