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Goddess Lessons

Discover the Wisdom and the Strength of the Divine Feminine

Do you yearn to connect more deeply with The Goddess? And to learn more about Goddess Spirituality in many cultures?


This book will get you started on the path of understanding the Goddess and her many forms. You wil:


- Discover the wisdom, strength, and magic of the Divine Feminine

- Learn about Her history and the cultures honor her today

- Discover ways to heal yourself and contribute to the healing of the world

- Soothe chaos and fear through sacred rituals, meditation, and prayer

- Deepen your sacred connection to yourself and the spiritual world

- See how honoring the feminine divine can activate self-esteem and self-honoring

- Connect to the Great Mother and different aspects of the Feminine Divine

- Tap into the power of the Goddess to improve your life


Just like our human mothers, the Divine Feminine can bring love, balance, and protection to our lives and to the world. She is practical and magical. We need her help. And she needs our help.