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The Goddess and Public History Exhibit

Discovering the Sacred Feminine in Public Places

Coming in 2025. See more books!


This book is based on 25 years of ancient goddess research n New York and it builds on my exhibit, The Goddess and Public History.


The Goddess is all around us in museums, universities, sacred sites, parks, and statues on city streets. In this book, which began with the online exhibit The Goddess and Public History, you will discover goddess history through her presence in public spaces, in ancient and modern times. The intent is to bring a more comprehensive awareness of the Goddess through words and images and to celebrate the many ways we can encounter her in public spaces. 


After years as a student of Goddess history and spirituality, and after authoring many books on those topics, I have found my way toward a new form of shedding light on her divine history through public history. Thus, having returned to SUNY Graduate program for my Master of Arts in Public History (MAPH), this book is based on my experience and research connecting The Goddess and Public History.


When you see all the evidence, all the images, all the statues, all the ancient temples, all the new archeological discoveries, and the sheer number of goddess artifacts in museums, it is hard to refute her presence and importance in history through the course of time.


This book is meant to be a celebration of her form and essence, in ancient cultures and the modern world. It is meant as a guide to discovering your own goddess path and interests.