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Wedding Goddess

A Divine Guide to Turning Wedding Stress into Bridal  Bliss

Paperback:  Order here.


Ebook: Order here.


There are so many things to worry about: finding the perfect dress, the best venue, the most reasonable costs.


And there are so many people who, while well-meaning, can drive you crazy. On top of all else, it doesn't always seem that your groom is in the game with you.


This is a book that brings the fun and spirit back to wedding planning. It empowers you to take charge of your journey to the altar, and will show you how to treat every aspect as a delightful rite of passage!


In the pages of Wedding Goddess you will find:


- Guidance on ways to nurture your emotions, your heart, your soul, your passions, your relationship, and your vision for the perfect wedding as you proceed with the tasks at hand.


- Ideas, inspiration, and materials to help you create the perfect wedding ceremony.


- The wisdom that puts you at ease about this extraordinary time of life.


- Insights on how to navigate it all with maturity, strength, and grace.


Wedding Goddess is dedicated to supporting you through the most important rite of passage of your life. It helps you stay calmer, more loving and peaceful.


May you feel beautiful, confident, graceful, radiant - like a Wedding Goddess.



May your wedding journey by joyous and meaningful.

May all your wedding dreams be fulfilled and all your prayers answered.

May your Big Day be perfect in every way.

May you always be grateful for the gift of your marriage.

May you have the ability always to rejoice in the love you share.

May your life together always embrace and nurture the promise of your wedding day.

Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness.

And so it is!

- Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway