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Lakshmi Magic

Let the Goddess of Good Fortune Bless You with Prosperity

Do you need more money, great job opportunities, and goodness in life?


This book tells you how to invite material and spiritual wealth on all levels, with the help of the beautiful and magical Goddess Lakshmi. And it gives you dozens of rituals, prayers, and techniques to draw prosperity and beauty into your life.

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Good Fortune, has been bringing good things to life for more than 5,000 years. She is an adored divine female of from the Hindu tradition who is called in times of financial need and to bless the success of all endeavors.


In this small but powerful book, the author reveals the spiritual secrets she learned and adapted in 10 years of study. The writing is fun and easy to follow. You will discover:


-The mythology and meaning of Lakshmi

- How to invite her grace into your life

-Rituals and devotions to attract Lakshmi's attention

-Prayers to ask for her blessings

-Insights into traditional Hindu worship

-Ideas for inviting good fortune into your life

-Peace of mind in times of financial struggle


Lakshmi comes to the kind of heart, and to those who seek to acquire wealth by ethical means. She is there to help you reduce fear, stress, and panic as you focus on the good you want to create. She is famous and beloved for her awesome role of bringing prosperity, opportunity, and success into your life.


You can read more about clearing the path to allow Lakshmi into your life in ALAKSHMI: Say Goodbye to the Goddess of Misfortune and Reinvent Your Life, which is added as a bonus to this book.