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Writer's Flow

108 Ways to Free Your Creativity

After publishing thousands of articles and dozens of books, Laurie Sue Brockway has come to believe that it is so important to keep our writing life as inspired and sacred as possible. And to be mindful of the language we use to discuss or interpret our writing and writing process.


Has your muse has gone on vacation just when you need her most?

Laurie Sue Brockway has learned some really cool tricks for turning on your writing faucet and connecting your mind and spirit to an endless supply of ideas, words, and sentences that, when strung together, will make for a great article or book.

In WRITER'S FLOW, she offers 108 of her favorite practical, magical, and emotionally soothing tools and ideas to get words onto the page.

"As much writing slow-downs and creative shut-downs can drive you to believe you are doomed as a writer, it is not helpful to use the phrase "writer's block," she says. "Your subconscious mind agrees with everything you say, and your brain does not know the difference between fact and fiction, so using that language will help make the "block" a real thing in your mind."


Perfectionism runs deep with writers. We are a self-critical bunch, and it sometimes feels the world is coming to an end when we are stuck on a story or book or floundering as we try to reach for our writing dreams and goals.

This book will help you make peace with your inner critic, and invite the spirit of creativity and joy into your writing life.