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Meet Enheduanna

The World's First Author Was a Priestess and a Hymnist to the Goddess

Coming in 2024. See more books!


A companion book to my Enheduanna Exhibit.

Meet Enheduanna.


Known as a priestess, princess, and poet, she is hailed as one of the first known authors.


Her bestsellers were literally written in stone. Her works were created in cuneiform on clay tablets that were baked to dry.


She walked the earth over 4,000 years ago yet left a lasting impact on history, and the history of writing. She is a historical and spiritual figure who lived in ancient Mesopotamia.

At a time way before the holy books we know today, she told the story of love, war, worship, and of the goddess of her heart, Inanna. While some of her writings may be seen as accounts of mythical deities, her hymns were written for the culture and the time period she lived in, and they were meant to be used in ceremonies and to tell religious stories.


Get to know the first writer in history to have a by-line and a woman whose devotion and service helped launch a new civilization.