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Celebrate the Divine Mother and Goddess Journal Series

Celebrate the Sacred Mother:

Prayers, Altars, and Spiritual Practices



Coming in 2025! See more books.


Many of us love our mothers but we also long for a connection to our Divine Mothers. In this book, author Laurie Sue Brockway shares how the passing of her human mom led her to search for her divine mom. She was inspired by the Hindu tradition in which the Sacred Mother is honored and embraced as a true spiritual force in the lives of all devotees.  The quest to try to heal her grief turned into a transformational spiritual experience. It did not happen overnight. She shares her step-by-step approach for initiating and maintaining a relationship with the cosmic support system that is there to uphold you.

Goddess Journal

Coming in 2025! See more books.


This journal offers a combination of writing prompts and creative free space for you to explore your relationship with your Divine Mother.


If you could talk to her, what would you say? If you could ask burning questions about your life or your destiny, what would they be? Learn to commune with Her as if she is there, just a breath away, in the same room.