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Do You Need Help Telling Your Story?

People ask me all the time to assist them with writing and storytelling projects of all kinds. I have been involved with countless book launches and creative projects.


In addition to many years as a journalist, author, and editor who has worked on many public projects and publications, I have quietly worked for individual clients as well as corporate clients who require discretion. In other words, I work anonymously and I do not reveal the projects or books I have worked on.


My calendar is full at the moment but I can do consultations. For larger projects, bookings are available starting in late May 2024.



Book Consulting and Coaching
As an author of more than 25 books and thousands of articles, people often seek my help to begin, organize, and finish their writing projects. In some cases, I consult on an hourly basis and I also have been called to engage on a project basis. 


Book Writing, Editing, and Revision Services

I have helped many authors with their books, from conception to publication. I have also been called upon to help with book-related writing, such as writing a book forward or a chapter for someone else's book. Some authors need guidance and direction in their writing. Other busy folks need me to write collaboratively with them, or for them. Having ghostwritten for doctors, nurses, psychologists, clergy, new thought leaders, and aspiring authors from all backgrounds, I have developed a practice of assessing and channeling the voice of the author.