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Family History and Storytelling

I have spent decades helping people tell their stories in one form or another and have spent years helping individuals, couples, and families share their stories in ceremonies and services. Having been trained in so many aspects of creating historical records and projects, I also apply these skills to working with families to preserve important family memories, oral histories, and archives. I also offer a gentle approach to helping families in creating memorials and remembrance content.


I came to combine my skills as a writer and minister with my work as a family historian after being a caregiver to my mom and helping her stay with us until she was 100!


When she passed away, I was with her. Then, it was up to me to guide my huge family through grief, make arrangements, and also clear out her home of fifty years.


I found treasures and traumas, that I never expected. I organized everything and created a family archive of photos, documents, family films, and my mom's career history. It also included letters between my parents and grandparents. I didn't share everything, though. I am still holding on to the secret diary she left behind and appreciating how much these archival items and family artifacts have revealed about our family history. She left behind more than 20 grandchildren and great-grandchildren who appreciate having access to photos and her story.


This family project led me to pursue my degree in Public History and to apply these skills to help other families.